139 // After 4 months!!

Oh my..! It's been ages, really! *facepalm* + *headdesk* I'm a total jerk. I look at friends' post but don't write! I'm a bad LJ user. I write my diary seldom, too! I like to write my memories but I don't know why I do this rarely. I'm a lazy girl.

I haven't made any icons, either!!! There was just exams or other things. :/

I'm writing finally because I got something worth writing! I HAVE GOT A NETBOOK!! YAYZ :D
It's too cute. I totally love it. I installed Photoshop CS4. I'm going to explore it and try to improve myself at iconmaking. It's "LG", btw.

In April 22nd, about 42 people in school (me included) went to Esenler -somewhere in Istanbul- to dibble! It was so nice! I dibbled my own tree myself. (I had some help actually LOL) We took a lot of photos but mine are not very good.

Hmm, last Sunday, Me and my 3 best friends went to some kind of amusement park. It was in a shopping center. It was not scary. It was funny, though! :D I laughed a lot!

I have changed, I think. I mean, I don't read too much anymore. I want it but I don't. I don't listen to music too much! I don't watch the TV-shows I love. (Chuck, Lost, Heroes, Smallville OH GOSH! But I don't watch it because I couldn't download themm!! I know how to do it but I couldn't, you know!) And the most important thing: I've become more pessimistic. Sometimes I want to cry for no reason. But I promised to myself to be more optimistic and to smile much more yesterday. And today was great like I expected!

Tomorrow I'm going to have an English exam. I have to get the best grade! :D (Writing this is an example for it, I guess :P)

I want to write more and more but nothing comes to mind!

I want to make wallpapers so badly!

EDIT: Ohh btw, I got PP's of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Drew Barrymore, Alyson Hannigan, Selena Gomez (it was for my cousin) and Emma Watson!! They're cool! :D
PD: Olive and Chuck

137 // Christmas meme!

Long time no see. I know. I tried to write twice but nothing came to my mind to write. *headdesk*

I'm trying to make new icons, too. But the exams were killing me! But they seem great! :) I trust myself at English and Turkish Literature! LOL

New Year is coming and I'm sooooo excited about it! I love Christmas trees so much. And the ornaments of course, hehe. I don't like winter much but I like this Christmas theme and New Year.

I got your card last Friday, neutrotoxicdoll, thank you so much! It is awesome ^_^

I watched Alice In Wonderland Trailer #2. It. is. way. too. cool! I loved Helena Bonham Carter's makep-up and costume! Johnny Depp is priceless! :D

The thing behind the cut is too awesome, btw. stole from thelake, I guess.

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Sorry for this short unnecessary entry! :P :)
RPattz nd KStew

136 // Autographs!

+ I got 3 replies to my mails from Studio Fan Mail! I got 3 letters yesterday!! I was expecting just one! :D
The first autographed photo was Matthew Fox! Second was Tobey Maguire and third one was Selena Gomez! I was sooooooooooo excited when I was opening the envelopes! :D I keep the envelopes.

Also, I got a autographed photo of Angelina Jolie via SFM in 24th November!! :D It was a quite big photo than I expected. I keep its envelope, too.

And these are all safe in my sowly growing autograph album! :D

+ I watched New Moon twice, hehe! Second one was less boring (Popcorn was delicious LOL)

+ I totally need to make and have some new icons. They're tooooo old! *duh* :/

Anyways, I don't have anything to write now, sorry :/ :D
Harry-Hermione in GOF

135 // New Moon Review

Or do I have to call it review-ish? Because I don't have too much to tell.


1- Jacob was too cute.
2- I envy Dakota Fanning. (We are both 15 but she's in New Moon!)
3- I loved Bella and Edward's break-up scene. It was so beautiful, the music, everything.
4- Jacob was too cute.
5- Volturi scenes were too amazing. It's one of my favourite scene.
6- Movie soundtrack was beautiful but some songs used in the movie was terrible. I didn't like 2 songs. They looked like.. they didn't fit to the scene.
7- Jacob was too cute.
8- Emily wasn't the way imagined. I imagined her different. Also, Quil and Embry, too.
9- It ended in a weird scene! They're totally trying to make us wonder the next movie and get excited from now, hehe!

That's it! :D In fact, it was a good movie. Better than the first one. The very blue scenes in Twilight are gone. There're more colored scenes and that is better.

+ After the movie, my and my friend went to a cafe and ate dessert. It was delicious. I love desserts! :D

133 // pizza : favourite fast-food for life (I guess)

I know, I'm not writing too much but I just.. have a too ordinary life, you know! :D I'll talk about a few things.

School started in September 24th. It wasn't good for me. Especially first two days. They were horrible. They put me in a class I didn't want to be in. But a friend of mine helped me so we changed my class via my favourite teacher :D (She's the English teacher!!!) Thanks to her!

Hmm, yesterday we bought pizza and ate it at home. It's a fantastic feeling, hehe. We bought 2 big pizzas for FREE! :D

Then my uncle and me went out. He bought we a waffle. Yummy! OMIGOSH I love waffle. :D

OMG That's. Bye! :P
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132 // My guilty pleasure!


And some notebooks, pencils etc. I dont want school to open but I want to buy them so badly!

I just came back from the bookstore, I saw the English versionds of the books I want and I love and got crazy! But I have to finish the books I haven't yet. I have 3 English books to finish. Also, I'm reading Marked. It's a nice vampire book! :) (I bought it on June 30th but haven't finished! Actually, I love reading and I read very fast but these days something happened to me.) I want to but the other books and their English versions. Also, I want the English version of Harry Potter books so badly!
Oh btw, my Half-Blood Prince book is missing! :( *is sad* I have to buy it, too.

Because of the Ramadan Feast, I so so much money! LOL I got like 420 Turkish Lira. It's like 286 $, I think. That's like a tradition or something. Most of my friends doesn't get even half of it so that's a great thing.

Sooo, I want to spend my money to books and the things I need but I'm not going to spend them all. I save half of the money like 12 years! :D
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