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148 // March...

I haven't been on LJ for a long time again. I'll write about what I did in March. It was a good month. It is my birth month so it was very nice. My birthday was on March 6th. Thay day was great. I got some presents from my family, of course, and most of them bought me purple presents! I adore purple so that made me happy. I got two purple covered books, that made my day! And hearing good birthday wished from many people makes me really happy, too. 

Other few little things, I sent a letter to CNBC-E Magazine to participate its competition in February. And I got a brown The New Adventures Of Old Christine t-shirt. I don't watch the show but it made me happy because they do these competitions every month and I participated it for the first time! :D Sent a letter for March's competition to win a Gossip Girl bag, too but I couldn't win it. Also, sent a letter for this month's competition to win a Vampire Diaries ring or necklace. :D 

School... School is going well. I'm not studying much but exams are going very well. Something is really happened to me this year. I don't want to study at all. If I have an exam next day, I don't study. I always do whatever I want. Mostly, I study at the last day. But they go great. I don't know how it's happening -probably it's luck-. :P 
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