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WOW! I guess I also ended my LiveJournal life as my chilhood ended after Deathly Hallows! I can't believe it's been over a year. I love this site so much but haven't checked it for a long time for no reason. I'm craving for LiveJournal and for making some icons.

How much I miss Photoshop. I guess I have to be active here more often. But this site also used to be more active. Ahh, the old days... :P

Oh god, it's been Week 345 in wizard_icontest! I really have to be back. :p
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149 // Long time no see!

UGH! I always say that I'm the worst LJ friend ever! I thought that I haven't written anything for 7 months or much more! Thus I felt kind of relieved when I saw that I wrote 3 months ago. Which is actually not good, but still. Anyways, now it's time to update this journal which was collecting dust! I will try write more often. I always follow the site, the things going on but don't write. And I think it's weird. I also want to write because I've started to work on improving my English. And I think the best way to do this is writing something in English! So, I hope I won't be a bad LJ friend from now on.

Today was wonderful. I met with a couple of friends and hang out. Living in Istanbul is great in some ways. We were in Asia but we took some transportation vehicles and fifteen minutes later, we were in Europe! Which is one of the great ways of Istanbul. And it's quite fun.

Then I opened my conputer as I got home. I opened YouTube and I saw that Harry Potter was live on YouTube! I got soooo excited and opened the broadcast but nothing showed up. Then via Twitter, my dear simply_magic  sent me the Facebook link to the premiere and I got a chance to see something thanks to her! IT was an emotional and epic premiere! For some reason, I tried to not cry. I'm okay right now but I wish I cried at that moment! But I was teary when I was watching it. Everything they said and the love they feel for each other was/is so precious. I probably will cry a lot during the whole movie. I wish I could go to the midnight releasing. :/

And after the broadcast ended, a friend of mine called me and said "I'll send you a link, Harry Potter World Premiere is live now!" with excitement. And I said "It is over. It's the rebroadcasting." with a shy voice and her excitement was gone. and then she said "You destroyed my excitement right now." I got sad and said "I didn't mean to, I'm sorry. I wanted to let you know about this but I could only watch its 5-10 minutes only." I really wanted to let her know but I was frozen that time and watching the premiere like hipnotized. And as she said that, I realized that I can be soooo selfish when it comes to Harry Potter. I treat it like a thing belongs to me, it kind of is actutally but still. I still don't let anyone to read my HP books. I don't even let them to open the books!

Other than that, I'm so into YouTube for 3 months, I guess. By YouTube, I mean vlogs and vloggers. I've been watching some vloggers' videos and try to get some inspiration. Because I'm thinking about making my own vlogs. Because I really want to make friends these days. I can make friends via here as well but there're very cool people on YouTube, too so I want to meet some of them so badly.

So, that's it for today. I have nothing else to say. I feel so tired and sleepy because I was out for 8 hours. It's 11:34 PM at here thus I'll probably go to sleep.

148 // March...

I haven't been on LJ for a long time again. I'll write about what I did in March. It was a good month. It is my birth month so it was very nice. My birthday was on March 6th. Thay day was great. I got some presents from my family, of course, and most of them bought me purple presents! I adore purple so that made me happy. I got two purple covered books, that made my day! And hearing good birthday wished from many people makes me really happy, too. 

Other few little things, I sent a letter to CNBC-E Magazine to participate its competition in February. And I got a brown The New Adventures Of Old Christine t-shirt. I don't watch the show but it made me happy because they do these competitions every month and I participated it for the first time! :D Sent a letter for March's competition to win a Gossip Girl bag, too but I couldn't win it. Also, sent a letter for this month's competition to win a Vampire Diaries ring or necklace. :D 

School... School is going well. I'm not studying much but exams are going very well. Something is really happened to me this year. I don't want to study at all. If I have an exam next day, I don't study. I always do whatever I want. Mostly, I study at the last day. But they go great. I don't know how it's happening -probably it's luck-. :P 
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147 // Missing....

I watched Goblet of Fire and Chamber of Secrets today and realized that I love these movies and I miss & love Harry Potter sooooo freaking much! I want DH2 to come out so badly but I don't want it, either. It's a strange feeling... Anyways, we all know that it will never end so I hope I'll not be so worried in the future! :P 

btw, I want and need 36467168718671 more userpics!!


146 // no title...

School geos well. The thing I can say about my level in class is "above average". Maybe better than that! :D :P I want it to go like this so badly. I will have an exam on Monday and I don't know anything about logarithm. Have to learn it in 2 days and if I can do it, I will love myself so much LOL

WOW! It's been a month since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out! Time goes very fast. I wanted to write a review about DH but I gave up - no reason. I'm not good at writing it anyways. :P

And it's been a week since TCON - VODT came to the theaters. I haven't seen it yet!! I have to go and see it, I'm soo wondering it. Ooohh, especially Skandar LOL :P

btw, I want to send Christmas cards to someone so I can send you a card if you give me your address. Also, I want to get some cards, too!!


145 // Deathly Hallows!

I WATCHED TO MOVIE!!! I WATCHED THE MOVIE!!! (think I said it like "I killed Sirius Black!!") LOL


I don't know that it may look unnecessary or stupid -and I don't care much- but I wanna be fangirly and crazy!

Harry and Hermione

144 // Here comes the big day...

I'm uber-super excited about Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows! I don't know how but it came out today in here so I'm going to see it tonight! In Ankara (the capital city of Turkey), people watched to the movie in September 15th. How did they do that!?

I'm planning to write a review about the movie.  I started to re-read the book to remember things fresh but I couldn't end it in time. It would be great if it was 3D but- (who cares? the movie is out! LOL :P) (I feel a bit fangirly) Anyways, it's time to make icons! I almost forgot how  to make an icon *facepalm*

btw, I need some cool DH icons these days so I may steal the icon beautifully made by you! But don't worry, I'll credit. I'm so sensitive about this credit thing.



ps. I want a wand so badly! (or a thing HP-related)
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143 // I have to look here more often...

Yeah... Haven't written for 2,5 months! But I can mention what I did in those days.

Well, In July, I was on vacation! It was wonderful. We went to some places in Turkey like Kemer, Kaş, Kalkan and Bodrum. My favourite ones are Kalkan and Bodrum. Kaş and Kemer are nice places, too. We only stayed long in Bodrum, about 8 days. We went to Kemer to stay but the hotel was terrible so we run away!! Bodrum was great, there weren't too much tourists in the hotel but it was nice. In Kalkan, we watched The World Cup matches. (I'm glad Spain won the cup. I really like the team!)

In August, it was Ramadan. Nothing much happened. Just did what I have to do in Ramadan.

Last week, I watched Camp Rock 2! It wasn't awful but wasn't amazing either. Let's say "nice" :)

And this week, school has started! I'n not depressed as I was before and that's a good thing. I don't like being depressed at all.

Today,  I got almost sick at school so called my uncle to take me home. I'm better now.

btw. I GET SO EXCITED WHEN I SEE HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PHOTOS AND VIDEOS!! (Emma's hair is nice, but I like long hair more.)






142 // HP Madness...


Okay, I'm calm now. I'm so super crazy since yesterday because I saw dream about Harry Potter twice. The one I saw yesterday was including Harry, Ron, Hermione and couple of people I can't remember. But the one I saw today was including Harry only. It was like.. so real! I saw his PoA "version" LOL :D Epic dream. Epic trailers...

I know I write rarely, sorry about that. I used to look at LJ much more than now. I'm trying to look at all my friends' entries. Sometimes I can't answer because my English is isn't enough to understand and write an answer! :D Sometimes, I can't find the write words.

Anyways, hasn't it been November yet? :D

btw, I think I really need some new userpics. Also, I want a paid account.